Loft Insulation and Decking

Keep your House Warm And Use Your Loft

We offer a Loft insulation service to assist you in making cost effective energy saving measures you can save as much as 20% of your energy bill by installing loft insulation.
We find that most clients who do not have loft insulation will recover the costs of installation in energy savings within 3 years (average).

We are also told by many clients that they have loft insulation and that they do not need it, whilst we are on the premises we offer to check the insulation for free, we do this because we have witnessed over the years that the thickness of the insulation differs greatly dependent on when it was installed.
The ideal thickness for loft insulation is 200mm (8″), so if yours is 100mm (4″) or less it could do with a top-up and it will save you more on your energy costs.The product itself Loft insulation normally comes in three types – blown material (mineral wool or cellulose fibre), mineral wool quilt, and loose fill.
The costs for insulating a loft vary depending on the amount of insulation already installed, and the size of your home. We offer a very competitive price on all Loft Insulation job so call now for a Free No Obligation Quote.

We Will reply within 12hours. If you want a quicker response call Wayne: 07765 257 092

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